French Lentils with Onions and Preserved Lemon


1 cup French/small lentils
2 cups water
2 medium onions, in thin wedges
olive oil
½ preserved lemon, rind only
Parsley or celery leaves


Boil the lentils in the water for about twenty minutes, until the lentils are tender.
Meanwhile, saute two medium onions (I like to slice them into thin wedges) in some olive oil until soft, and browned. Add the cooked and drained lentils (save the cooking liquid).  Dice a half of a preserved lemon, without the flesh (I like to reserve the lemon flesh for salad dressings–somewhat milder and just as lemony). Mix well over medium to low heat. Add about a quarter of a cup of the reserved liquid and simmer on low. To finish, I sprinkled a good pinch of salt, and a handful of chopped celery leaves (parsley is fine, too).
Serve with crusty bread or oven roasted potatoes.

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