English Muffins with Peanut Butter and Fruit

This is a great way to eat a healthy breakfast and fun for young kids.

You will need:

English muffins, whole wheat if possible

Peanut butter

Banana, sliced



Grapes, cut in half

Orange, peeled and broken into sections

1.Slice your muffins in half and toast them in the toaster.

2.Spread peanut butter on each toasted muffin half, while they’re still warm.

3.Top with the fruit pieces. It can be fun to decorate the muffins with the fruit, by making a face—with the banana slices and raisins on top for eyes, half a strawberry for the nose, and one section of the orange for the mouth.

4.Use the rest of the fruit to make more faces on the same plate, or group them together so they can be eaten as part of breakfast too.

Each muffin makes 1 serving. Food Guide Pyramid servings: 1 bread, 1 fruit, .5 protein.

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